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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Review Trisara Resort Phuket Thailand

by Peter R Stewart

The Trisara Resort in Phuket is extraordinary in many ways, from the fact that it is such a short drive from the airport, and yet so quiet, peaceful, private, and beautiful.

The ocean view villa we stayed in was exceptionally spacious and private with incredible uninterrupted views over the ocean. It's the kind of place that makes you dream that this is your own private villa.
The actual accommodation has so many nice touches it would be impossible to include them all, sufficient to say, that everything you would expect from a five star deluxe resort is there in abundance, and much more besides.

We could start with the indoor and outdoor showers, the furnishings are a beautiful blend of colours, with lots of dark wood. The bed was large, and very comfortable, with such fantastic fluffy pillows. I always think pillows are the real measure of the quality. It is the little touches like fresh flowers everywhere, even in the bathroom. The built in window seats and couches, the cleverly hidden large plasma TV, all part of the top quality workmanship that has gone into the construction and maintenance.

Outside the villa, it is completely private, with a gate at the entrance, and a large teak sundeck with table and chairs for eating, and four padded teak sunbeds. The infinity pool, is larger than your normal plunge pool, and totally private because of the greenery.
The food quite superb, both Thai and Western style. We were on a breakfast included package, and it was a terrific meal in itself, having got used to buffet breakfasts being the norm, it was a pleasant surprise to have it served up fresh from the kitchen. Be warned however that if you decide to take your included breakfast in your suite, then you would be charged at full rate, which seems a little mean.
At lunch and dinner, you can choose either the Thai or Western option, although it would be fair to say the Thai food was spicy hot and very authentic, not milder for those of us from the West. I personally like that.

You can get most of the food available with room service but it is more expensive, and wine as expected is expensive, because they kind of have a captive audience as there are no nearby restaurants .The overall service, and once again attention to detail are fantastic.

Small final thoughts are, you will never forget the sunset from the pool villa, and the beach is delightfully private with no hawkers, and very comfortable loungers, and naturally the high level of service continues there.
There is not a whole lot to do here except to relax, and unwind, so if that is your thing, there is nowhere better to be.

About the Author : Peter R. Stewart writes occasionally for for http://www.worldwidevacationspots.com/ and also finds the other articles on vacation destinations worth reading


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wonderful destination Phuket

Phuket, Thailand's largest island, with the shape of an irregular pearl, is 21 kilometres wide and 48 long. Driving from one tip of the island to the other would take about 1½ hours.

Located in the sparkling waters of the Andaman Sea just 70 minutes flying time south of Bangkok, Thailand's most popular beach destination has everything that you could possibly want on holiday: beautiful beaches, some of the finest resort hotels, international and Thai cuisine, temples, water sports, coral reefs, turquoise seas, scuba diving and liveaboards, and tropical sunshine — all in plentiful proportions.

Popular beach : Patong Beach

Located 15 kilometres west of Phuket Town and almost 3 kilometres long, Patong has a white sand beach and is set in a deep oval bay, ringed by lush green hills.

Behind the beach promenade, the coast line is almost solidly lined with hotels, ranging from simple guesthouses to luxury international resorts together with other services such as restaurants, shops, banks and tour operators. The town is the main departure point for Phuket liveaboards.

At night, this is the centre of all nightlife activity on Phuket. It centres around the main east-west street of Soi Bangla, and here you'll find restaurants, discos, go-go bars and beer bars.

Patong Beach is a public beach and there are no closed or reserved areas for any of the resorts. The beach chairs and umbrellas, however, are rented from private vendors for a small fee. Many other services are available on the beach such as traditional Thai massage, hair braiding, soft drinks, ice cream, and fruit salad.
At the south end of the beach, you can hire a longtail boat for transportation to the neighbour beaches like Freedom Beach or just to have a great view of the town.
A full range of water sports are available here, like jet skiing and parasailing. If you seek an adrenaline rush, this is the right place for sure.

Popular beach : Kata & Karon Beaches

Only ten minutes by drive from Patong Beach lies Karon Beach, long beach crowded with pine trees , another world away from Phuket's party town Patong.

This beautiful, four kilometre stretch of white sand is seldom crowded even in high season. This makes Karon Beach a good choice for a more peaceful style of vacation, with fine resorts near the beach with magnificent views on the hills overlooking the bay.

From May to October there are strong undertows so look out for warning flags. The waves at this time of year on Karon Beach can become big enough for surfing. The southern end of Karon Beach has the most surf activity and there are surfboards for hire.

Located immediately south of Karon is Kata Beach and Kata Noi, which are both quiet beaches. Crystal clear waters and a wide choice of recreation together with lots of elbow room are the highlights of the Kata area.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Recommend: Similan Island National Park

Similan Island National Park

Comprising nine granite islands covered in tropical jungle, washed by a clear blue tropical ocean and blessed with fine beaches, the Similan Islands (Similans) provide the most beautiful and diverse dive destination in Thailand. Liveaboards to these islands are some of the most popular diving cruises in the world. They lie in a 25 km long north-south chain, 65 km offshore from Phang Nga Province in the Andaman Sea, about 100km from Phuket. The Similan Islands achieved national marine park status in 1982.There is no mud at all along the beaches, so the sands are very clean, white and very fine. Some islands do have hills in the area, which are usually quite tall with the highest top of 244 meters above mean sea level, while some islands are of flat area surrounded by sand dunes and coral reefs.

The eastern fringes of the Similan islands feature pretty hard coral gardens in the shallows and sloping reef banks down to thirty meters. At some dive sites such as East of Eden, large bommies (coral heads) rise from the sea bed and are blanketed with soft corals, fan corals, and swarms of smaller tropical fish. East coast Similan Islands diving is relatively easy-going, allowing you plenty of time to explore the sites at your own leisurely pace.

The western side of the Similans along with the north and south points can offer more exciting diving as currents swirl around huge sunken granite boulders, which form a series of arches, tunnels and swim-throughs at sites such as Christmas Point and Elephant Head Rock. Growing on, and between, these enormous rocks you find a tapestry of colourful soft corals. In the channels between the boulders, sea fans can grow to some three meters across, and in such numbers that you cannot possibly swim through. The contrast between the east and west coasts and the variety of underwater topography is one of the reasons the Similan Islands are so popular - every dive offers you something different.

High season in the Similans is from October until May, but diving is possible all year-round. The water tends to be clearest in the summer and in the fall, but then again, the visibility is almost always good in the Similans, averaging approximately 18-25 meters and at times exceeding 40 meters!.Although the tsunami of 2004 did affect a few of the reefs here, most are in excellent condition and many divers in the last season have commented that they could not see any reef damage.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Introduce Bangkok

Bangkok top 10 for visitors

by Andy Burrows

Wondering what to do in Bangkok for the weekend? Or what to leave out? Here are ten of the best sights and activities to get the most out of this great Asian city.

Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew Together, these two attractions are top of most visitors' itinerary. They form the most splendid and ornate of Thailand's temples and palaces, making them a primary attraction. Wat Phra Kaew, also commonly referred to as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, is the name of the most famous Buddhist temple (wat) in Bangkok, which is situated within a complex of temples and houses the famous Emerald Buddha statue. Sitting adjacent to the temple complex is the Grand Palace, an ornate royal residence built in the neo-Baroque style. Appropriate clothing must be worn for both attractions.

Jim Thompson's House A trained architect, Thompson was posted in many locations around the world during WWII. When the war came to an end, Thompson was en-route to Bangkok. Having developed a love for the country, he returned to establish a silk business which quickly gained international acclaim. Before his mysterious disappearance in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, in 1967, Thompson built this beautiful Thai-style teak house, which is a work of art in itself. Visitors can enjoy the house that was once the 'talk of the town', which has now been made into a museum.

Khao San Road The backpacker hub of the city, this road is notorious for its late night drinking, vendors selling counterfeit CDs and hippy trinkets, and cheap guesthouses and restaurants. Recent times have seen some more upmarket accommodation establishments popping up here, but it is still often hard to find a room in peak seasons. This is the place to party and meet people.

Chatuchak Market Located in the north of the city and accessible by MRT, this weekend market is enormous. As you wander along the narrow alleys you will pass through sections selling everything from wickerwork, jewellery and pets, to clothing, plants and artwork. Often very crowded, there are plenty of places to rest your feet and have a snack, but be careful you don't loose you friends in the crowds!

Shopping An essential activity for all visitors to Bangkok, the capital provides some of the best malls in Asia, with the glitzy new Siam Paragon complex being the newest addition to Bangkok's shopping hotspots. Within walking distance is the Siam Discover Centre, MBK complex, World Trade Centre and Pratunam Market. Whether you want designer goods, or copies at basement prices, the city is a first-class hunting ground for shopping aficionados.

Patpong Better known for its sleazy nightlife than its quality night market, this area is heaving with foreigners day and night. Home to many quality hotels and one of the city's red light districts, Patpong is loved for its street vendors, cafés, nightclubs and overpriced go-go bars. But if watching a sex show isn't your thing, don't dismay; Patpong offers many other kinds of entertainment including live music. The bar touts can be a bit of an annoyance, but overall this is a friendly place where you will encounter little trouble (unless you go looking for some).

Dreamworld This adventure theme park can make a great alternative to the usual sightseeing agenda, especially if you have children. Boasting replicas of seven wonders of the world, extensive gardens, a cable car, various adrenalin-infusing rides and even a field of snow. There is also a selection of live shows to appeal to different interests as well as a wide choice of eateries. Accessible by car, bus or train, this is a white-knuckle experience you will not want to miss.

Muay Thai Boxing If you think you've experienced boxing, you haven't seen anything yet. Traditional Thai boxing is a proud Thai tradition that sees opponents swap furious punches, lethal kicks and elbow strikes that will makes you squirm in you seat as the locals cheer on with insatiable enthusiasm. Followed as passionately as football, catch a match at Lumphini Stadium or Ratchadamnoen Stadium, with fights taking lace most evenings.

Wat Arun The one-time home of the Emerald Buddha, this Buddhist temple sits on the banks of the Chao Phraya River and boasts a Khmer-style tower which is ornately decorated with small pieces of seashell and porcelain. Interesting features include figures of Chinese soldiers and animals, and a statue of the Hindu god Indra. Surrounded by six Chinese-style pavilions, if you don't have time to see the real thing, make sure you at least catch a glimpse of it on a 10 baht coin. Lumpini Park A peaceful retreat in the heart of the Bangkok, this is the ideal escape from the city's crowded streets. Relax amid palm trees and water or explore the Chinese Pavilion and Clock Tower. Also of interest are the Thai Lanna Pavilion and various sculptures. Although shadowed by some of Bangkok's tallest skyscrapers, the tranquil park is perfect for outdoor activities, including paddle-boating, and simply chilling out.

About the Author: Andy Burrows is a frequent visitor to Bangkok and knows the city inside out. Bangkok is one of his favourite Asian cities and he specialises in writing about travel and finding the best websites about his destinations, he recommendsComplete web guide to BangkokWhat to see on tours of Bangkok


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

5 Top Destinations In Thailand

Travelling Thailand: 5 Top Destinations

by Robert Thatcher

With several sights to see and surprises to offer, Thailand could be one of the best locations you should not miss to visit. Culture, beaches, people, and heritage sites are some of the things you can expect when you travel to Thailand.

Bangkok - Traveling Thailand wound not be complete without visiting Bangkok. As the nation's capital with an estimated population of over 10 million (including the neighboring provinces), this city is by far the largest in the country. The city is divided into 50 districts or khet but for tourists and those who are new in the place, 6 divisions would be more useful. These are Ratchadaphisek in the northeast section of the city, Sukhamvit in the southeast, Silom in the south, Thonburi in the west, Rattanakosin in the central north, and Phahanyothin in the north. The whole Bangkok district would give you a diverse taste of culture, history, religion, modernity, and fast-phase life. You can actually witness how all these blend together to comprise the whole Bangkok package. Buddhist temples, historical museums, towering buildings, contemporary restaurants and hotels, shopping centers, canals and rivers, and food make Bangkok a one of a kind city in Southeast Asia.

Phuket - Down south, Phuket features magnificent beaches, tropical sunsets, white sands, blue seas, and breathtaking sceneries. No wonder it is the most popular vacation destination in Asia beating every beaches of the neighboring countries. It has several beaches like Kata Beach, Karon Beach, Patong Beach, Kamala Beach, and Surin Beach. The island showcases several water sports and activities including parasailing, jet-skiing, and scuba diving. By day, Phuket is alive with beachgoers and shoppers and by night, lights, sounds, and party people dominate the whole island.

Chiang Mai - The second largest city in Thailand with an estimated population of more than 200,000. This city located in the northern part of the country offers greener and quieter city. Chiang Mai's tourism is becoming more and more popular and permanently settling at this city is very common. When you travel Thailand and visit Chiang Mai, you surely would want to see museums such as Hilltribe Research Institute Museum and the Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center. With religion and history enriching the city, you can see several Buddhist temples such as Wat Chiang Mun, Wat Chiang Mun, Wat Phra Singh, Wat Oo-Mong, Wat Phra Jao Mengrai, Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, and Wat Chedi Luang. The oldest temple dates back in the 11th century. Chiang Mai features attractions such as Chiang Mai Flower Festival in February, Bo Sang Umbrella & Sankampang Handicrafts Festival in January, The 2nd Orchid Fair also in January, and the Loi Krathong Festival usually falls in November.

Pattaya - Located 150 km. north of Bangkok, Pattaya is one of the most popular tourist destinations, which offers great beaches, beer and go-go bars, and a wide array of sport activities. Visit Pattaya when you travel Thailand is a must. Although it is the most overdeveloped part of the country in terms of tourism, prices in Pattaya still remains with reach. In fact, prices of foods, accommodation, and transportations are very affordable.

Krabi - In a small province of Krabi lies a small town with the same name. Paying a visit Krabi town when you travel Thailand is worth the time. Located south of Bangkok near Phuket and Phi Phi island, the town features great beaches along with high end hotels and not so expensive hotel that cater tourists of different classes.

About the Author: Robert Thatcher is a freelance publisher based in Cupertino, California. He publishes articles and reports in various ezines and provides thailand travel resources on www.your-thailand-travel.info.


Thailand islands

Thailand islands - the Five Reasons that Make Koh Phangan the Perfect Choice

by Ella Evans

The islands of southern Thailand are widely known as "Island Paradise". Their picturesque beaches, moderate tropical climate and unique, extremely relaxing lifestyle account for this reputation. Travelers from all over the world come to these southern Thailand islands to experience the famous transition to another dimension, as they gradually absorb the overwhelming serenity and ephemeral separation from the dynamic and straining modern life style.

In the eyes of the inexperienced traveler at the very first stages of planning his or her trip to Thailand, all "paradise islands" may look exactly the same: all the islands are tropical (in the classic sense and climate wise), picturesque and serene. But in fact, a more thorough perspective would reveal that each island, just like every individual traveler, has its own set of unique qualities. The cost of stay in some islands can turn out to be a surprisingly expensive experience, while visiting other islands can be quite a bargain; some islands are dramatically peaceful while others are loaded with exciting nightlife activities; some islands provide the perfect conditions for divers while others are ideal for backpackers.

After years of intensive research, and after exploring every dark corner on every island in southern Thailand, my final conclusion is that Koh Phangan is no doubt and by far the perfect choice for the perfect vacation. Koh Phangan is the perfect choice because it has this unique ability to adopt itself to the likes and needs of every individual traveler in the limits of being an island (except from providing the ultimate urban environment. But nobody visits the Thai islands to relive his urban daily lifestyle). Here are the five elements that make Koh Phangan the ultimate vacation choice:

1. The best value for your money. Until recently, Koh Phangan had a strong reputation of a backpackers' island. As a result, the island's costs of living had been adjusted to the target audience. Food and accommodation on the island cost surprisingly low, so that even a backpacker with a budget of 30$ per day can provide himself or herself with a reasonable, almost western life standard on the island, which includes air conditioned rooms and delicious cuisine. During the last several years, when more spoiled tourists discovered this island, local entrepreneurs began to invest in luxury accommodation. Nevertheless, the best quality accommodation in Koh Phangan is still cheaper, on average, compared to the same standard accommodation offered on other islands.

2. The rare opportunity to experience the "old school" island paradise. Even the sworn lovers of Thailand will agree, that the days when the "paradise islands" were the place in which one can sit on a lonely beach and share his or her thoughts with a single coconut tree, are a thing of the past. Still, in Koh Phangan one can find some "reservations" of remote picturesque beaches with only a limited choice of accommodation, such as Haad Thong Reng, Haad Yao and Haad Sadet. Some of these forgotten venues feature about three dozens bungalows hidden in the midst of the jungle. These "old school" beaches make you fell like merging with a "real" paradise, created by true nature and not by wise and experienced tourism industry entrepreneurs.

3. Breathtaking diving sites. The Gulf of Thailand is considered to be an excellent diving area, due to its clear lucid water and the huge variety of underwater life. Until recently, the consensual opinion stated that the only place for "real" scuba divers in the Gulf of Thailand is Koh Tao Island, next to Koh Phangan. Nowadays, more and more divers are choosing Koh Phangan as a launching ground for their preferable diving sites: a small island Koh Ma, connected to Koh Phangan by a sand bar; the neighboring beaches Haad Salad, Haad Yao & Haad Chaophao, offering a hugevariety of tropical fish and coral reefs; and Ang Thong National Marine Park - a group of 42 islands, protected as a National Park.

4. The Full Moon Party. The full moon party, held in Koh Phangan since 1989, attracts thousands of travelers every month coming from all corners of the globe. Even if you are not the classic partygoer - the full moon party could be a unique and unforgettable opportunity to join thousands of joyful, exhilarated people dancing together in the most beautiful place in the world to the sounds of the best music.

5. To experience radically unique travel activities. Koh Phangan is quite a small sized island (about 170 km2), but it offers a widest variety of activities. You can come on a Sunday, as a backpacker to Sunrise Beach, become a professional diver on Monday in Koh Ma and turn into a seasoned partygoer on Tuesday as you take part in the exhilarating full moon party. If you're able to wake up on Wednesday morning, you can meet local people in the fishermen's village Chaloklum learn and experience their traditional way of life. Additionally, you can join forces with your sportsperson alter ego and go trekking on Thursday; and on Friday you'll have the unique opportunity to pretend being a Mowgli riding an elephant's back in Phangan Safari. On Saturday, you can try living as a sheikh in a luxury resort with a spa...and maybe get the chance to write a novel on the seven most unforgettable days of your life.


Monday, March 12, 2007

Thailand travel guide

Budget Travel In Thailand: How to Travel in Thailand With Style and Without Bankruptcy

by Ella Evans

Thailand was my first tourist destination outside Europe and North America. Based on the sage advice of my Thailand-experienced friends, I was sure that this paradise vacation would be carried out on ridiculous costs. However, back home, I have found out too late, that during my little Thailand adventure I have spent almost the same amount of money as one of my regular surges to Europe. If only I knew that carefully planning your trip to Thailand can manifest itself in huge savings. The following list includes some solid advice that can help those novice Thailand visitors to save significant amounts of cash and still enjoy their vacation:

1. Season choice. Traveling in Thailand Islands during the low season can save you up to 25% of the accommodation costs (up to 25$ per bungalow per night if you choose high standard - not luxury - accommodation). Similar to many other world locations that are based operate seasonally; there is a significant price fluctuation across seasons. Not less important is that fact that the weather in Thailand is quite pleasant even during the low season. The temperatures' difference between the "hot season" and the "peak season" is miniscule, and during the "wet season" one can experience only a mild occasional rain. Therefore, in Thailand one can lower accommodation costs by avoiding the peak season without paying the price of suffering from unbearable cold or coping with endless monsoon.

2. Transportation. Getting from Bangkok to your final destination in one of the Southern Islands by train or bus instead of by plane can save you up to 80$ each way. You can save a bundle if you arrive to Bangkok International Airport in the evening. In this case you save, besides the gap between relatively expensive airfare and train or bus ticket, the first night's accommodation cost as well (40$ - 100$ per bungalow per night in high standard - not luxury - accommodation).

3. Food. In Western style countries, the more you pay for your dinner the better it is, so everyone can make a personal decision about getting an appropriate cost - benefit balance. In Thailand, and especially in the Southern Islands it is much simpler: in most cases, the cheaper the better. Expensive restaurants in Thailand Islands usually specialize on Western food that is neither authentic nor of superior taste; a standard dinner will cost you 10$ - 30$ in a restaurant of this kind. Alternatively, the dinner in a cheap restaurant with plastic chairs will cost you 3$ - 8$ and it is usually both tasty and authentic. My most disappointing Thai dinner was served in a fancy restaurant in Bangkok and had cost 120$ for a couple, whereas my best dinner was served in a cheap family restaurant in Koh Phangan. The owner - young mom named Mam - prepared the meal for us exactly as we wished it would be and charged us with measly 5-6$ per person.

4. Air Conditioning. The presence of air conditioning in your room can make a huge difference in accommodation rates. For example, the same room rates in the same resort can vary from 15$-30$ for a bungalow with a fan to 40$ - 100$ for an air-conditioned bungalow. Although choosing an air-conditioned room during the hot season (such as March - April) is crucial, if you visit Southern Thailand during the rainy season - a bungalow with a fan can both satisfy your needs and cut your expenses in more than a half.

5. Location choice. Similar to the principle held in most places in the world, the accommodation rates in Thailand Islands depend on your location choice. The bungalow in the central beach, close to the airport or seaport full of thriving nightlife will probably be twice as expensive as the same bungalow in a remote quiet beach. However, accessibility is an issue in the Thailand Islands, and the taxi fares and taxi boat fares operate under the same principal as the accommodation rates. So there is a rule you may adopt: if you are looking for social activities and busy nightlife- stay close to the airport or seaport; otherwise make a little effort and move after your arrival to a remote beach. You will save up to 60% on the accommodation rates this way.

6. Communication. It will probably not come as a complete shock, but the use of cellular phone from outside of Thailand could be extremely expensive. To save on communication costs you can either buy a local cellular phone with prepaid SIM card or use the Telephone & Internet centers services. Mind you that the cost of these services may vary. As usual, if you're calling overseas from your resort's office - it will be more expensive than using a call center in the town. The cheapest solution is probably giving your phone number to your friends or relatives overseas since every call center has a phone number that can be used for calling back.

7. Price negotiation. In tourist locations in Thailand negotiation is a necessity or a way of life. Likewise, in the less touristy islands and areas price bargaining is accepted as well. Just try it - in Thailand price negotiation isn't considered an embarrassing behavior, so you have nothing to lose.

8. Psychology. Although, in Thailand everything is perceived to be cheaper than in your home country, don't be fooled by the seemingly low prices and control your expenses. Buying an enormous amount of inexpensive things can really add up to a surprisingly large sum of money.

During my last visit to Thailand, I followed these guidelines with persistence and I was happy to disclose, that budget travel in Thailand can be more than just an economical issue, it can also be enjoyable. Interestingly enough, in Thailand, the less you spend - the closer you get to the local authentic experience.

About the Author: Independent researcher, MA in anthropology, and travel enthusiast Ella Evans has spend more than a decade exploring Thailand focusing on the Southern Islands. The fruits of her labor can be found in the Koh Phangan Experience Website: a comprehensive travel guide to Koh Phangan, Thailand, which includes information articles, tips, advice and a message board. To visit Koh Phangan Experience Guide, www.kohphangan.eternaltravel.net